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About the Airways Clinical Trials Research Centers [video]

Watch as members of the American Lung Association's Airways Clinical Trials Research Centers explain how having a nationwide network attracts some of the best researchers nationwide and allows for studies that can make a direct impact on patient care for individuals with lung disease.


[Dr. Robert Wise] the American Lung Association Airways Clinical Research Centers have conducted over a dozen major lung Clinical trials.

[Dr. Mario Castro] And this network allows us to perform Studies across multiple sites across the United States to study the treatment of Airway diseases specifically Asthma, Chronic obstructive lung disease or what we call COPD.

[Dr. Nick Hanania] One of the advantages of having a network of 17 Centers doing clinical trials is that we have the ability to recruit different types of patient populations.

[Dr. Anne Dixon] By studying things in diverse Populations across the entire United States we can be really sure that we are Investigating things and figuring out whether they're going to be effective in our entire population

[Hanania] We have the expertise of [distant] centers put together so that if we design a clinical trial We can find someone in one of these centers that have done things related.

[Wise] We have individuals who are experts in Molecular biology pharmacology epidemiology behavioral medicine so that we can make use of These people's expertise in order to develop and conduct our research studies

[Dr. Lynn Gerald] I think one of the most exciting ones recently was where we looked at the safety of the flu vaccine At the time we did the study very few people with asthma were getting the vaccine because they were afraid that it made their asthma Worse so we actually conducted a large randomized study. And we definitively proved that the flu vaccine does not make asthma worse And we've actually seen increases in the number of asthma patients getting the flu vaccine since this study came out

[Hanania] The Airways medical research Center network has been funded from the American lung association for almost 20 years the American lung Association that funding is Vital to our existence as a network it funds the day-To-day activity of the centers.

[Dixon] The American lung association has been Absolutely critical to the success of this network

[Castro] I'm excited about the the feature of the network and how we can potentially address those problems for my patients

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    Page Last Updated: July 5, 2017

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