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teenage boy thinking about vaping for the first time

If You Don't Protect
Your Kids From Vaping,
Who Will?

Over 5,700 kids start vaping every day.1 Misconceptions, peer pressure and marketing tactics all contribute to the staggering rise. Talk to your kids about e-cigarettes while they're still willing to listen.

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JUUL pods

If you've heard
vaping is safe,
you've heard wrong.

1 JUUL pod = 20 cigarettes

One JUUL pod contains as much addictive nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Nicotine exposure during adolescence can harm the brain.2

Not just steam and flavoring

E-cigarettes contain nicotine and toxic chemicals, including acetaldehyde, acrolein and formaldehyde, that can cause lung and cardiovascular disease.3

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vapes, vape pens, e-cigarettes

Vapes. Vape Pens. E-cigarettes. JUUL. What's the difference?

There's really no difference. They're all types of e-cigarettes, battery powered vaping devices. And they're all dangerous. Learn the basics. Know the lingo.

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teenage boy vaping on the couch

Has Your Kid
Already Tried Vaping?
Statistics Say Probably.

Almost 40% of kids have vaped at least once.4 Vaping is easy to hide, so know the signs.

  • Vape pens can look like USB flash drives.
  • Kids who vape often cut back on caffeine, have an increased thirst, or get nosebleeds.
  • Vaping doesn't smell like tobacco. You might detect a sweet scent.
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stack of cigarettes on a table

Big Tobacco Is Back. And It's Trying to Hook Your Kids.

Altria, the company that owns Marlboro, has invested in JUUL, and they're targeting a younger audience. Over 50% of middle and high school kids have seen e-cigarette ads in retail stores. Two in five kids have seen pro-vaping ads online.5

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video of Billy talking about vaping to his mother

Your kid wants to make the right decision.

Help them make the right choice.

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